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My tracking number is returning an error.
Posted by Ty Woods on 27 January 2012 11:24 AM
If your tracking number begins with a '9' and the on site system is returning an error you may have a FedEx based tracking number.  In some cases FedEx uses USPS tracking numbers inside it's network to ship packages. The current onsite system returns an error message assuming that a USPS tracking code is US Postal Service.  In this case you may copy and paste your tracking number into the website to receive tracking information.
** We are aware of this issue and taking the proper steps to adjust our system and eliminate these errors in the future. Thank you for your patience.
If your tracking number is still not returning information it may not yet be in the shipper's tracking system.  Tracking numbers are assigned as shipping labels are printed, and it takes time to get the packages scanned appropriately by the shipping service upon pickup.  Generally 24 hours must pass before a package is trackable after the number is assigned.  If after this time period has passed your tracking number still returns an error please submit a ticket to our shipping department and they will update you with the proper tracking information for your order.
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