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My Tracking Number Says Delivered, But I Don't Have My Item
Posted by Ty Woods on 29 February 2012 09:41 AM

Usually in a case like this, we ask the recipient to check a few things…


  1. Is there anyone else in the household that may have rec’d the package and put it away without telling you?
  2. Is there an unused door/porch area where the package could have been left and gone unnoticed?
  3. Is your mailbox a “community” type box with a parcel box attached where the package may have been left?  Normally a key is placed in the recipient’s box that opens the parcel box.
  4. Are there neighbors in close proximity that may have rec’d the package?


If none of these options solve the problem, please check with the delivering letter carrier, if possible.  If that is not an option, a call to the local/delivering post office will often result in finding the package.


The vast majority of the time, this will locate the package.  If that is not the case, please submit a ticket to customer support or call us at 855-789-3278.

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