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Does Your Garden Need Filtered Water?
Posted by Ty Woods on 18 January 2012 02:12 PM

You have heard about the importance of drinking filtered water, but what about your garden? Does it need to have the contaminants removed just as much as you do? The answer to that depends on the quality of your water and the type of garden you have.

How Good is your Water?

The quality of your water depends on where you live. Some cities invest a lot of time and money into providing their inhabitants with clean water, but others do not. Some have taken the time replace old piping and research new filtration methods, but others simply haven’t made an effort. A visit to your city’s  water department website or a call to their office should give you some preliminary information about the quality of your water.  Find out about their testing methods and what they found in those tests.  You can also look up comparative studies of water quality by state or city. If you find that your city’s water is good, you may not need a filter.

What Type of Garden Do you Have?

Gardens can be divided into two main groups: flowers and food. Flower gardens are for beauty, and they may not need filtered water if your flowers are already thriving on your current water. However, if you feel your flowers aren’t reaching their full potential, it could be that the poor water quality is preventing them from blooming fully. Flowers are living. They may not be able to walk and talk, but they need water, air and nutrients just like a human. If the water they are getting is poor, they can get sick.
Food gardens are live too, and high quality water is even more important for them because you will be eating the products. The best way to decide if your garden needs filtered water is to ask yourself the following question:  Would I drink the water from my tap? If the answer is no, then you do need a filter. The water in your tap is the same water that comes out of your hose, so it makes no sense to water your plants (which you will be consuming) with water that you wouldn’t dare drink.  Any contaminants in that water will end up in your food.

How Much Have You Invested in Your Garden?

Are you a beginning gardener or have you been doing this for quite a while? Is it a new hobby you’re trying out or a genuine part of your lifestyle? The answers to these questions can help you decided whether or not you need filtered water for your garden. Obviously, filtered water is going to be more expensive, you so have to ask yourself if you are willing to make the investment. If you use organic soil and plant organic seeds and do you use fertilizer, it would seem counter intuitive to ruin all those organic ingredients with non filtered water. However, if you are just getting started out and don’t know much about gardening and aren’t will to invest much money, you would probably be better off just using the water you already have. If you later find that filtered water is what you prefer and think it would benefit your garden, you will not have a problem paying extra for a filter. People are more likely to be satisfied with their filters when they genuinely wanted to make the purchase and see filtered water as an asset. If a person feels guilted into buying it, they are less likely to maintain it and less likely to feel like they have made a good investment.

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